Lunch Bunch and Extended Days

logo Children in the morning class have the option to stay for a longer day until 1:30pm or 3:00pm. We provide a healthy cooked lunch along with a positive environment in which the children learn good table manners and develop their social skills.

There are two Lunch Bunch teachers who organise the afternoon session, focusing on creative activities such as art, DT, music and movement, construction and role play. Whilst the overall ethos is the same there is less emphasis on the use of the Montessori materials.

We also offer optional specialist clubs during the afternoon sessions such as Drama, Music, French, Cooking and Ballet.

The fees for Lunch Bunch and the specialist clubs can be found in the prospectus. Ad hoc sessions are also available.

It is advised that all children in their pre-school year should do at least one Lunch Bunch session per week.